Taste your way through Kal.

!One of the great things about Kalgoorlie, is people watching the local characters and discovering hidden delights.

You’ll find yourself going from the outback one minute, to dressing up for a delicious meal the next. There’s a mix of old school country pubs with the biggest burgers you’ve seen and glorious restaurant balconies to sip champagne on to watch an infamous sunset. Seriously, we’re not sure what happens to the sunsets here; but they embrace the sky in hues of purples and pinks, it’s really quite magical.

Woman eating bowl of food

There’s such a multicultural edge to the people here, you may be surprised at the Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Vietnamese cuisine on offer. You could devour an amazing Thom Yum soup one day and smash a chicken parmi the next!? That’s the thing about Kal, it’s the perfect contrast between unpretentiously down to earth, modern convenience and a twist of the unexpected.

There’s a local craft brewery too, called the Beaten Track. What a cracker of a place! They do a mean burger and speciality ciders too. You’ll have fun discovering the tastes of Kalgoorlie, I know we did!