Craft beer in focus.

How a family business went from off the beaten track to putting craft beer firmly on the map.

In the secret back streets of Boulder, a craft beer empire was born. What began as a small-scale operation with a handful of local regulars, has become a force of liquid gold.

Mitch and Allira tell us about their journey to becoming a family owned and operated brewery.

“I began dabbling in craft beer as a home-brewing apprentice. A mate and I grew our skills, learnt some new tricks and developed a real knack for it. From there I went to work for the previous Beaten Track owner full time.”


When the opportunity arose to purchase the brewery, Mitch didn’t hesitate.

“Allira and I decided that if we were taking this on, we were going all in. We both took it on full time and dived in. We decided straight away we wanted to expand the range, food options and move to a new location.”

‘We make beer and rad food’

Mitch & Allira

Beaten Track Brewery produce a mix of traditional beers, while always experimenting with changing trends in the industry.

“We do a fair bit of research and development. Which really just involves drinking beer at tastings and checking out what is popular online. So, it’s not a terrible part of the process.”

Regulars love a Summer Ale, which is by far the most popular beer. But great beer is only the beginning. Cider is trending, with flavours regularly changing so there’s always something new to try, like a pink lemonade.

Allira knew the missing link was delicious food. To be specific “Dude Food”.

“Nowhere in town offered American style grub, like real smoked BBQ, brisket, burgers and fried chicken. But just when we were ready to launch the food side, disaster hit.”

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the hospitality industry overnight. The brewery was unable to open for customers and the only food offering, pizza, could not compete with the big companies.

“The pandemic restrictions really forced us to diversify. But we decided to embrace it. We started a take-away and home delivery menu. The local community, as it always seems to do, supported us fully. Not a day went by where we didn’t completely sell out.”

It became so popular, the brewery went from 2 staff to 10. 

Today, the Beaten Track Brewery is working hard to renovate a shop front on Hannan Street, set to blow the socks off their regulars and appeal to a new clientele.

“We have a full commercial kitchen to focus more on our food offering, we are a craft brewery with a lot to offer. A starting point for a night out, or a meeting place before shopping.”

Beaten Track is making a name for itself, recently winning the Battle of the Regions brewery championship award in Albany and collaborating with the Cheeky Monkey Brewery in Margaret River.

“There’s a lot of call for genuine people just giving it a red hot crack. We’re not trying to be anything we’re not. We know good beer. We know good food. And we love our customers. We put our heart and soul into this business, and it shows. The Kalgoorlie community really support us and we’re happy to support them right back.”   

The Beaten Track Brewery is now open in their new premises, 165 Hannan Street Kalgoorlie. Visit Beaten Track for booking info.