Connect to your roots

Sometimes the best travel involves connecting more deeply with your destination through family stories.  The best trips, the ones we remember for the rest of our lives, go beyond cocktails on the beach and an Instagram feed full of pretty photos. The truly unforgettable trips are the ones that feel meaningful. Ancestry travel has become a bit of a niche quest. Combining the excitement of travel with the deep sense of connection that comes from uncovering your roots can give you a more meaningful way to explore the world. Without the ability to travel to Europe or Africa to walk in the footsteps of your forefathers; Kalgoorlie-Boulder is an option a little closer to home.

They say people have 6 degrees of separation, but in Kal it can feel like much less. You cannot go anywhere without someone having a connection to Kalgoorlie-Boulder. It was the epicentre of the gold rush. The birth-place of the ‘digger’, modelled off the quintessentially patriotic miners that fought in world wars.   

Prepare for picture-taking, swapping stories with locals, and getting happily lost along the way. It’s as much a journey of self-discovery as it is anything else. Kalgoorlie’s first nation’s people have lived in this vast region for tens of thousands of years before the early explorers paved the way for gold-seeking prospectors. Discover your own connection to Kal with the help of those who have been recording, preserving, researching and promoting the history of this region to make sure that these memories live on.