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You will be amazed by the legendary spaces and larger than life characters. Make your own bold stories.


What can I do in Kal?

Unique experiences like no other. Set off on an adventure to find your roots, take new heights and bask in the glow of a holiday like nothing you’ve done before. Back to nature. Back to simplicity. Making memories.

How to get here.

  • 1 hour flight from Perth Domestic Airport

  • Numerous train services including the Prospector and TransWA

  • 6 hours 30 mins drive from Perth

  • Bus services provided by TransWA

Getting here by car?

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From rugged to polished, there’s plenty of space to plan out your journey.

Off the beaten track, with dirt between your toes, the smell of eucalyptus in the air, golden sunsets, starry nights and delectable honey ants.


For the families who want their kids to roam free, be wild and climb trees. Fancy hotel rooms and fine dining is no match for outdoors adventure-seeking, fossicking and prospecting. With a mix of all the mod-cons of shopping and eating out and finding some treasure in the red dirt, this is a chance to experience some real quality family time and memories that will last a lifetime.

Young/adventure seekers

The best holidays, the ones you remember forever, are the ones that leave an impression on your spirit. Kal is like nowhere else. With a bustling cosmopolitan side of art, culture and hospitality to old stories steeped in history and heritage of yesteryear. Kal is the jumping off point for epic road trips, exploring and adventure. You can fill your days. Or do nothing at all. Escape to Kalgoorlie.